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My designer friends are not going to be very happy with this confession but it needs to be done.

Here I will be giving you the top secrets of perfect design.

First tip is the budget. You need a budget with only 10% of frame. Let me ask this thing now.

What is it sits on top of your list during decorating your house. Where do you usually start from.

From the worst looking part of the house or elsewhere? Take a look at this issue from a designer point of view.

You need a budget first of all. You do need to know where you are fighting and who you are fighting with.

Look for decorating ideas like bedroom designs or living room schemes that might be interesting to see how people ended up in their own project or how they ruin it. Read the stories any experience is aplus in your own project isn’t it.

Your Bedroom does not mean modern bedroom furniture you do not even have to start from there. My last project was all about a boys work. It was kids bedroom furniture.

I especially used car beds and even round beds for the adults at the end.

You need to know where needs the most attention as it can be sorted with dining sets only sometimes.

And sometimes a large piece of wall units can do the job believe me. It’s not always changing the colours on the wall or the blinds really.

If bedroom furniture is your top priority you need to complete the bedroom design first.

You can not jump into another room or corner with an incomplete bedroom. You may end up in a rough designers arms with a massive bill.

I’m not trying to scare you actually I’m trying to give you a few tips to get you to DIY. My car beds project was supported  by another designer friend of mine Lynda Marconi. I do ask for their help sometimes as it’s very helpful to know people enjoy your work.  It would not be that joyful without their Car beds and round beds.

Anyway what I’m trying to state here is the HELP. Get some help from the people you trust or people you find tasteful.

I have recently done a job for a solicitor family. I need to tell you right now it was a  nightmare. It took me over 4 months to get rid of them. This tip was for myself actually. So next time I’m obviously not going to do a job for anyone do I? No, I’m going to be very picky a it can be was of time sometimes.

Make a list of what you need and allow plenty of time for your project as time can be very important on

Successful projects. A tight time frame can ruin your project straight away and there will be no return from that either.

Make sure you have all the tools and help needed before you start.

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